Stay Loaded With the Emdom/MM Ammo SAC (Soft Ammo Can)

Stay Loaded With the Emdom/MM Ammo SAC (Soft Ammo Can)

We’ve all carried the USGI ammo can to the range. However, it’s heavy and bulky and takes up space when empty. Or, you’ve used plastic or mesh bags that fall apart. That’s where the Emdom USA Ammo SAC (Soft Ammo Can) comes in. When you need to carry around a lot of ammo in the most compact way, you need an Ammo SAC.

Emdom USA’s line of tough and durable Ammo SACs will be a great help for you when you have lots of ammo. Even if you need space for 1,000 rounds of 5.56mm ammo, an Ammo SAC can accommodate it.
The Ammo SAC can also be used to store spent shells or brass. No need to put them back into shell loops or throw them into a pouch in your pack to fish out later. All you need to do is throw the empty shells into a compartment within the interior of the SAC. Once you’re back from your outing, you can simply dump them out without any issues.

Why You Need An Ammo SAC

The amount of extra ammo, along with how you carry it, will depend on what type of firearm you are going to be carrying. It can be noisy and cumbersome carrying around loose ammo in a metal ammo can.
An Ammo SAC makes your life much easier by ensuring your ammo is safely stored and quickly accessible, without the noise and with less weight. Emdom Ammo SACs should be your definitive choice for quality and highly-durable ammo storage bags.

The Emdom/MM ammo SAC comes in two different versions: regular and split. The regular version comes in small or large sizes. The split is a divided large SAC.

Emdom/MM Ammo Sac

Emdom/MM Ammo SAC

The Emdom/MM Ammo SAC is a design collaboration between Emdom USA and It is an ammo carrier that allows you to do away with clunky and heavy metal ammo cans. Replace DIY carriers such as plastic bags and cardboard boxes. Simply grab hold of the convenient straps and head off with your ammo.

Besides being a great way to bring extra ammo with you, you can also store empty brass casings or shotshell hulls. You can carry anything you want in this ammo SAC, even though it is designed for ammo. If you have additional firearm accessories or magazines you want to grab quickly and easily, this storage bag should be your go-to.

The small version of this ammo SAC weighs 4 oz and measures approximately 7″ long x 5″ wide x 6″ tall. You can fit the contents of a standard 30 cal ammo can (approximately 750 rounds of 5.56mm) without any issues. The large version weighs 5 oz and measures about 8.5″ long x 6.5″ wide x 7.5″ tall and fits the contents of a large 50 cal ammo can (approximately 1,000 rounds of 5.56mm).

Being constructed from US Mil-Spec materials means you can trust it to last for a long time. Both the large and small storage bags are constructed out of 500D Cordura. The seams are double-stitched and seam-taped, ensuring this SAC will resist getting ripped. The rectangular and flat bottom is reinforced with a layer of tough 1000D Cordura. This allows for the SAC to sit flat and open up for easy access to the interior. You can even fold up this SAC when it is empty and when you need to stow it away.

Take your pick of either MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green, Black, SDU Grey, according to your color preference. The collaboration on the design of this SAC was made possible thanks to the work done by both Emdom USA and MM.

Emdom/MM Split Ammo Sac

Emdom/MM Split Ammo SAC

When you need the ability to carry and organize different kinds of ammo, a split ammo SAC will be your best friend. By having separate areas within this ammo SAC, you can make sure that your shotshells and brass will not get jumbled together. The special divider within the split ammo SAC can make your life easier when you have the need to carry around multiple types of ammunition.

Even if you are only carrying around a single type of ammunition, you may find it helpful to have a pouch with a separate area for other firearm accessories you may need readily available.

Besides featuring a divider, another way this ammo SAC differs from the small and large ammo SACs by Emdom/MM is the inclusion of two metal D-rings to attach a shoulder strap. When your hands are full, or you do not feel like carrying something with your hands, you can throw this ammo SAC around your shoulder.

Just like the large ammo SAC, this one also measures around 8.5″ long x 6.5″ wide x 7.5″ tall and fits the contents of a large 50 cal ammo can (around 1,000 rounds of 5.56mm). All of the other features, such as the rectangular and flat bottom, are the same, just as they appear on the large ammo SAC by Emdom/MM.

There is also an external slot pocket with a 3″ x 2″ clear window for displaying a tag with ammo data/type. You receive another slot pocket on the interior, measuring 4.5″ x 4″ which can hold the majority of pistol and magazine speed loaders.

Weighing 6 oz, it is slightly more than the large and small ammo SACs, yet still surprisingly lightweight for its size and features.

Carry Your Ammo With Ease
The Emdom/MM Ammo SACs offer a tough and durable solution for carrying loose ammo, spent shells, or accessories. You can get either a standard ammo SAC, featuring a single compartment, in either small or large size or a split Ammo SAC with a divider. Whatever your needs are when it comes to storing ammo, you will find these Ammo SACs to be the answer.

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