Emdom Comtac Headset Cover

The COM-TAC Headset Cover You Need

The cool night air blew across the bare skin of your face as footsteps could be heard against the wet pavement in the distance. Your ears honed in on the sound as it moved closer to your location, the footsteps growing in number. Now, the sound of voices grows in your ears. The clang of a wooden baseball bat slamming into a metal trashcan echoes between the buildings.

“Rioters reported at the intersection of East 39​ Street and Chicago Avenue.” You heard through your headset as dispatch reports the call. You had ho

ped the protests would remain peaceful tonight, but that wasn’t the case.
“Shields up Alpha Squad, it’s showtime!” transmits through your headset, causing a small yet noticeable smirk to cross your face. You remembered the new Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover that you installed this morning and knew your comm cables were safely stowed away and you were ready for action.

You grip your riot shield handle tightly as your Commander issues orders. The night is young and your resolve firm, as you march forward into the chaos. The steam of your breath fills the night air as you and your team march ahead.

Having the right gear at the right time is often a case of life or death. It needs to be high quality, rugged, and dependable. That is what you get with any Emdom product, especially the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover.

The Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover

Emdom Comtac Headset CoverThis headset cover was designed by a USAF Combat Rescue Aviator and created in collaboration with Emdom USA specifically for the Peltor COM-TAC headset. You do not have to worry if this headset cover will fit right or hold up in a high-intensity environment, it was made to be just as rugged and tough as you.

With the high quality and durability of the TWEAVE 520E 4-way Durastretch Nylon Fabric, you can put your full focus on the tactical situation you find yourself in and we will make sure your gear and comm wires remain snug, right where they belong.

How comfortable are they? The last thing you want or need is a headset that is causing you pain from pressure points/hotspots or rubbing your scalp raw. With the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover, we use Dri-Lex padded fabric to ensure your head stays dry and comfortable. This fabric is so good at ensuring heat and moisture is dispersed properly, you might even forget your headset is there.

Makes Headset Accessory Ready

Emdom Comtac Headset CoverThe Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover instantly makes your headset accessory ready. In a tactical situation, an S and S Precision V-Lite is exactly what you need. Whether it is for personal lighting or identification, the Velcro along the top of the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover allows you to easily add a precision V-Lite, name tag, or other important accessories.

When in the field, having the tools you need when you need them is extremely important. That is why this headset cover also includes a para-cord loop that gives you that extra flexibility to secure your headset to your gear when not in use. For the tactical professional who demands a versatile, high-quality headset, the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover delivers on all fronts. Comm cord storage was a vital consideration in the design of this Headset Cover while providing multiple options to do so in preparing and equipping your headset for use. This was made possible with 2 sections of elastic webbing comm cord. The effective execution of those design points was paramount as was mitigating bulk and excess material from the final product. We made this headset cover as operator/user-friendly as possible to store excess lengths of comm cord on the headset cover itself as mission requirements dictate.

Choices are Vital in Choosing a Headset Cover

Emdom Comtac Headset CoverWe know how important your tactical gear is to you. Whether you are using your headset in military service, law enforcement, or at the shooting range, the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover has the options that you require.

Colors like MultiCam, Black, Coyote, SDU Grey, or Ranger Green are all available and with many more colors coming soon and available for pre-order. Consider the location, time of day, and tactical use of your headset to help you narrow down the color that is right for you. With our price, you always have the option of choosing more than one to ensure you have the colors that you need.

We hammered in a lot of great features into this headset cover, like its durability, low profile and lightweight design. Weighing in at only 1.1 ounces and with a size of 9-3/4” by 1-3/4”, the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover will fit in any go bag so you will always be ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Why Choose the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover

Emdom Headset CoverAnyone who has ever purchased a cheap headset cover knows how frustrating it can be when they bulk up from excess material and the natural curvature of the headband, slide to one side resulting in discomfort where it makes contact and a potential distraction for the end-user. With the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover, we fixed those problems. With our innovative two-piece design that uses TWEAVE520E 4-way Durastretch Nylon fabric, you will never have to deal with a bulky uncomfortable headset covers again. It will also fit perfectly on your head and even between a helmet ensuring that you stay focused and comfortable when in the field.

Our product has been constructed from US Mil-Spec material, meaning that all the seams are reinforced and built to last. We know how important quality, safety, and durability are to you. That is why we stand behind our product. We believe in the Emdom COM-TAC Headset Cover so much that we back it with the Emdom USA Lifetime Warranty. We love our headset cover, and we know that once you use it, you will love it too.

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