Emdom Dump Pouch

Why You Need THIS Dump Pouch

You felt the twig snap before you heard it. Frozen still, your eyes snapped back and forth. Straining in the dark, you hope for the best. pap pap pap Tiny puffs of light reach out for you while you dive for the dirt. You squeeze the trigger again and again. “Contact!”

Your weapon doesn’t fire, empty magazine. Toss the mag in the dirt, no time to try and fit it back in now. slap You work the bolt.
“Bravo team move!”

You pop up like a cobra the mantra “I’m up, he sees me, I’m down” courses through your mind as you hit the dirt and wriggle the last few inches to cover. Your magazine lies back there, near that tree or was it a rock? You’ll get it later if you can find it. That was your best magazine, the short old school 20 round jobby you loved for road marches. Oh well, if only you had an easy and secure way to stash it while the woods melted down around you.

There was no such animal as a drop pouch when you needed it the most. Sand, mud, and clay clogged your magazines constantly. This torture is now a thing of the past. Come along and meet the Emdom tactical dump pouch line.

Emdom has a three pouch lineup designed to suit every operator’s needs. You have seen other pouches that release from a velcro enclosure, and are made of a cloth bag with a drawstring. That pouch does not live here. All Emdom dump pouches are designed with a stiffened opening lip that allows the mouth to be open and to prevent it sagging.


Emdom/MM Dump Pouch

Emdom/MM Dump Pouch

Mounted on an 8″ HPDE stiffened panel, this pouch can be mounted on a webbing or a belt up to 2.75 inches wide with the included MALICE clips. The opening is mounted three inches below the top of the panel to allow clearance for a vest or body armor and gives plenty of stability to reduce side to side swing. The panel still remains flexible enough to move freely and ride in a vehicle with comfort.

Unique to this model is the solid half-cover flap. This closure is attached at four points with velcro. This allows you to move without worrying about your equipment bouncing out of the pouch’s opening but still lets you have quick access.

Capacity? Yeah, Emdom has your six. Up to seven M4/M16 magazines can call this place home, or six AK magazines. The pleated front, like a BDU trouser pocket, allows expansion and some wiggle room.

The top of the pouch has a snap closure and the entire body can fold up and snap in place when empty to prevent snagging or just for order to your rig. A bottom grommet allows water dirt and debris to escape the pouch.

It is available in Multicam, Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, and SDU Grey. Custom colors are also available. This unit retails for $55.99.


Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch

Emdom/MM Mesh Dump Pouch

This pouch is made of DURO MultiCam 500 Denier Cordura and Omega MultiCam fabric. This allows the free flow of water, sand and dirt so that none is retained on your equipment. Even the half flap cover is constructed of tough webbing and is attached at four points with Propel quiet loop velcro.

Yes, this pouch will also hold a six-pack of AK magazines or seven M4/M16 magazines.

The Mesh model also has a top snap closure flap and a bottom snap that allows you to fold it and secure it when not in use.

It is available in Multicam, Black and Coyote. This unit retails for $55.99.


Emdom/MM Zippered Dump Pouch

Emdom Zippered Dump Pouch

Unique in the line, the Zippered model has a full dual zipper closure. Two ITW Nexus GT ZipLine Alpha zipper pulls are included for easy operation. These allow you to fully secure your mags or run with the pouch open as needed.

Now this model has MORE room thanks to the four vertical pleats and the single horizontal one. This design is hard to quantify for capacity, but with the added pleats you will have more, how much more is a test of your packing skills.

To round out this pouch it also has the bottom grommet to allow the water, sand and debris to escape. A bottom snap is also included to allow the pouch to be stowed when not in use.

It is available in Multicam, Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, and SDU Grey. Custom colors are also available. This unit retails for $66.99.

Which One do You Choose?

Honestly, this is the only hard decision here. To get an Emdom Dump pouch is not the question.


  1. Each pouch is mounted on an 8-inch HPDE stiffened panel that allows clearance for any mounting possibility you have and prevents too much of the back and forth swing of other, lesser dump pouches.
  2. Every Emdom pouch is designed with an always-ready stiffened opening to allow active use without the worry of lost equipment.
  3. Each pouch has at least a monster capacity of six AK magazines, or seven M4/M16/AR15 magazines
  4. Each has a snap for easy stowing when not in use.
  5. These dump pouches are all perfect for operations, maneuvers, or the range.
  6. All are PALS/MOLLE compatible and include two MALICE clips
  7. All are constructed of US Mil-Spec materials and are backed by a lifetime Emdom warranty.


  1. Emdom/MM model is a solid material
  2. Emdom/MM Mesh is made of mesh material
  3. Emdom Zippered Pouch is the only solid full closure model. It also has a higher capacity.

EMDOM Tactical Dump Pouches, you choose your color, you choose your style but most of all you choose to be prepared.

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